Organize how you want

Organize your movies and TV shows however you want with Lists. Make a Marvel list and a DC list - or put them all in a superhero super-list. Create a list with space for your entire sci-fi collection, or a family movie list for everyone to enjoy. Whatever you create, Lists helps you keep what you want together so you can find what you want faster. Find Lists in the My Vudu menu.


A new way to organize your digital movie and TV library – Exclusively on Vudu

Create Your Lists

Whether your collection is in the 20’s or 2,000’s, you can create your list quickly by adding multiple movies or TV shows at a time. Simply click on what you want and add them to a list.  You can even add something to more than one list – so now, Die Hard can be on your Action list and Christmas list. Yippie kai yay.

Add all you want, all at once

Order your list how you want

The lists you create are completely up to you. So how you sort your movies and TV within each list should be too. So, go ahead and reorder your Star Wars trilogies in the right order – from the start of the Rebel Alliance to the fall of the First Order. Get ready to get as OCD as you want. Available on your living room device and the web.